Die Blokhuis - Laingsburg

Cottages / Chalets in Laingsburg
Geelbeksbrug Olive Farm Laingsburg
price from R 450


Blockhouse was built in 1901 and housed 30 soldiers to protect the bridge during the Anglo Boer War. The Blockhouse is a National Monument situated on the farm. Geelbeksbrug is also a working olive farm and guests can enjoy awesome stargazing.
/.The owner will take you on Geological & Paleontological walking tours where you can see how erosion exposed ancient rock formations.
Side view of the orignal monument in which you can sleep, it sleeps 4 people. there are 2 of these cottages on the farm.
/ም species of birds have been ringed. Watch birds swim in the dam or just enjoy the nature of the karoo.
A beautiful view of the Karoo, come swim in our dam and enjoy the tranquility of the Karoo, mountain bike or go on a geological tour.


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